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Mongrel Tongue is a collection of prose poems and hybrid texts, selected by National Book Award winner, Daniel Borzutzky for the 1913 Prize for First Books.


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This collection of prose poems and hybrid texts explores what’s left out of the official history, the movie version, the news account, the branding campaign. Latin Americans exiled in surreal landscapes, women on the lam from the eternal feminine, and people awake to the breakdown of the general narrative take shape in monologues, interviews, fractured fairy tales, and alternative histories.

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“These are half stories from a fully experienced observer, peering out at the light that brings her the news. The new world is here still being discovered by a woman we recognize by her likeness to another woman we don’t recognize. A prophetic and hilarious book.”
—Fanny Howe

“ With lyrical brilliance and discipline, Megin Jiménez’s Mongrel Tongue swerves through the many ways we live with and among disaster. The narratives here are boundless; everywhere there is a body searching for home, a political exile, a climate refugee, a body that’s absorbed, a body that refuses to be absorbed, a body that refuses to disappear into history.  I’m thrilled by the vibrancy of this debut, by the worlds it creates amid worlds that make us vanish.”
—Daniel Borzutzky

“Eschewing purity of all kinds, the prose poems and hybrid pieces in Mongrel Tongue call themselves novel, document, story, tale, interview, history, invocation. This startling book revels in the translator’s gulf, nomadically moving through the clutter of the world, offering slippages and valences galore.”
—Shanna Compton


Megin Jiménez is a Venezuelan-American translator, poet and writer. She studied at the University of Denver and Université de Paris IV, and received an MFA from The New School in New York. Her work has appeared in Kenyon Review, Barrow Street, Denver Quarterly, Tarpaulin Sky and other journals. She works as a translator and lives in New York. 


Email: meginj [at]

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